Senin, 16 Agustus 2010

What makes men fall in love with you?

Senin, 16 Agustus 2010
^_^ Men Don’t Like Fake Women
To answer the question what makes men fall in love, we must first understand that all men are not alike so obviously preferences would differ, but there are enough common qualities to attract any type of man, Men generally prefer women who are them selves, men don’t like women who fake or one who is not comfortable with who she is.
^_^ Give Him More Freedom
Another myth is that men don’t want committed relationships. They are always looking for relationships with no “hang-ups”. As women, men too want in a stable relationship; he too wants to feel loved and also wants someone special so that he can shower his love. Men are very excited about the concept of love as it is. So, it’s just a question of women understanding what makes men fall in love.
^_^ Loves what’s He Love
Show interest in all he does – hobbies, clothes, and friends. A man loves a woman who shows great interest in what he does. Learn basic information about his hobbies so that you understand his needs, have intelligible conversation, and ask question. Make inputs that may enhance his hobbies.
^_^ Men Like Someone They Can Trust
Women in trying to please a man generally try to fit in. Is a woman attracted to a man she tries to woo him by being what his idea or a perfect female is. In most cases it does not work since a man comes to know that she is not really the girl he is looking for. And for compromising on her way of life, the men finds the women unappealing, he loses interest because he thinks there is nothing real, he also loses trust in the women for trying to be someone whom she is not. Men love a female who comfortable in her skin and not afraid to express it. Men respect the women for her true nature and her forthrightness. Men like women who follow their own interests and leave him time to follow his own.
^_^ Men Like Genuine / Confident Women
A self assured women is what makes men fall in love, she should be herself, take her own decisions, be assured about her likes and dislikes, should have her own style and grace, and should do thing that pleases her. Men would gladly go along with a woman like that.
In the end if you are still worried about what makes men fall in love, just know that it’s a genuine and confident person who is at ease with herself. This would surely land you the man of your dreams. Men don’t look for perfect bodies, but look for assured partners.

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