Sabtu, 16 Desember 2017

Reasons Why You Should Listen 'Missing you' by BTOB

Sabtu, 16 Desember 2017

Hey i'm back here after several months without posting anything. I'm not busy. I'm just lazy ,_, and i just realized that 2017 is almost end. And heyyy in january 2018 i'll back to school as graduate student of environmental engineering (no one ask you ㅠㅡㅠ). Ad maybe i'll post something here again. Okay. I know that i wrote that sentences a long time ago here but i never post anything ;_; but i want to post random things again. Recently i just wandering on youtube and tumblr with new account, and with that account i just comment every videos that catch my attention, also use them for voting haha.

And now i want to post somenting in english. I know my english writing ability is not good. But i hope with this practice, i'll get better someday.

Okay. I'll jump into my real intention to post this. Recently, i do listen to songs of some korean group, and i fell in love with BtoB (BORN TO BEAT!!!) and i want to write some reasons why you should start listen to their songs. If you never listen to their songs before, i recommend you their latest song called 그리워하다 or called 'missing you' in english. Why? Why? WHY THIS SONG? Is there something special about it?
Okay, here we go.

1. This song loved by korean people
This song topped on many charts, and now still on top 20 on streaming site called melon.comNot just melody (their fan) who love this song, but a lot of people love this song.
fanart by: @yookatme

Aaaaannndddd this song won on many music shows. They nominated 8 times, they won 7 times. :"")

2. This song composed, arranged by the member
Yep. The lyric of missing you created by their member, im hyunsik, and their rap lines created the rap part (lee minhyuk, peniel, jung ilhoon). Also co composed and arranged by im hyunsik. In their brother act album, almost of their trackare writen and composed and arranged by the member.

3. It has many lyric subtitles on their official video
Yeap. Our fandom is not that big, but we can show our love and support tho. And yeah, it could happen because Cube allow fans to submit the translation of the songs. Until now, there are 51 subtitles in their official video. FIFTY ONE SUBTITLES!!! By the way, i submitted mine too. A random one. Eh. Not that random. Haha. Guess what language ,__,

You can understand the lyric more if it has your own language subtitle, right? :D

4. They included sign language on their coreography
Yep. They included sign language for 'a year has passed' and 'missing you' part. And there is special video with full of sign language with hearing impaired girl in dingo channel. It makes my heart feel sooooo warm :__)

Ah maybe that's what i want to write.

I'll go back to the reality.

I'll do my best.
Don't forget to give them some love and support ayeye!!!
(Sorry, i can't make something proper for closing ;_;)

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