Kamis, 03 September 2015

Dear Me

Kamis, 03 September 2015
Dear 3 years old me
just cry! thats not a big deal :)

Dear 5 years old me
you should try to be a better girl.

Dear 10 years old me
you know? you are strong enough! you rock! you can prove to them that you can do your best!

Dear 13 years old me
you met your best friend. support them until you turn old! don't forget to always contact them and you'll be happier later.

Dear 15 years old me
in the beginning, you believe that you can do this, but in the end, you began to think that you can't do anyting better. you don't know that you have a big chance. you're too lazy to change.

Dear 17 years old me
the new beginning, you had hope to change your personality, make new friend, but you can't. you should believe that everyting is ok. just do it! you didn't need suck people around you. just be yourself, just be yourself.

Dear 19 years old me
it seems that those year is your best year. brace yourself, the challenge is begin next year!

Dear 21 years old me
you can do that!! you can do that!! everything is fine! you have many friends who support you, and can help you when you need some. and, you know what? your parents are the best in the world. they're very patient. you MUST make them happy.

just something i want to write, with 'amazing' grammar.
aah. maybe, once again, i want to practice writing in English in this blog, so my writting skill can be better than this :""")

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